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About the program
Communication Program
integrated with multimedia resources

“Enlarge your opportunities and marketability with a fluent Mandarin language”

Mandarin is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. By learning the language, you can speak with millions of people around the word. It is also much easier to develop all-important relationships when you can speak Mandarin.

Brain Bees™ Mandarin House shall support you with trusted interactive online multimedia content that is rich in sound, graphics and animation delivered in flexible and accessible mode that allows you to learn at your own pace and more importantly get immediate results.

These proprietary services employ a variety of interactive and practical exercises that are carefully prepared for the participants. The workshop focuses on critical approaches to learning the language with special emphasise in pronunciation.It also covers a set of sentence patterns that enable the participants to learn a simple way to speak Mandarin.

Brain Bees™ provides you the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese as a second language in modern, structured and engaging way.

10 reasons that you should learn Mandarin with Brain Bees Mandarin House :

  1. Multimedia with sound instructional design
  2. - the programme is delivered with systematic development of instructional specifications using sounds, graphics and words to meet   the learning needs and goals.

  3. Sequential structure
  4. - the components within a lesson are presented in a sequential structure to foster the successful transition from little knowledge to   mastering of the language.

  5. Spiral approach
  6. - the spiral approach technique enables the learners to pick up the topic mastered and move on quickly.

  7. Localised content
  8. - the learning content consists of information that is useful and applicable to the real world based on local context.

  9. Learner centered
  10. - the lessons emphasise on “group work” and a variety of “hands-on” activities to promote successful learning.

  11. Peer communications
  12. - peer communications are integrated to achieve higher retention level with co-operative environment through reciprocal peer   coaching.

  13. Friendly conversational style
  14. - every lesson is presented in a fun and friendly conversation style to enable learners to stay engaging, enjoying and motivating.

  15. Correct pronunciation
  16. - the programme will start you with the right and accurate pronunciations on your very first day.

  17. Unlimited online access
  18. - course includes unlimited access to online multimedia resources.

  19. Professional support
  20. - trained professional team is available to provide high value support throughout your learning experience.

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